A few quick notes

Several people have asked about an address and have offered to ship things to me. I cannot tell you how much your thoughtfulness means to me. I will post the school address soon. But, it takes a really long time for stuff to get here and it can be very difficult for me to get it. It takes an interpreter, time off work, and hours at the post office.  And that is in the event that it actually gets here.

My mom has a list of the very few items that I need and can’t get here. She is shipping those things to me. And frankly, the things that I miss from home are not things that can be put in a box!

Thank you so much for caring about my journey and my well being! I feel the love 8000 miles away. I am so blessed!

Also, I will now also say that I had been unsure that I stay in Kazakhstan after the winter break. There are many reasons I was considering leaving, but most of those have been resolved,  changed, or just aren’t important anymore. So I didn’t want to give out an address.  At this point,  I am planning to stay in Kazakhstan at least until the end of the school year.

I will accept monetary contributions for a winter coat or winter break to somewhere REALLY warm. Lol! (Just kidding, please don’t start a Facebook page for donations!)

Thank you for making me feel like the most loved person on the planet with the best family and friends!

Peace and love to you all!

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