Blogs about teaching abroad

Teach Away has featured this blog and others for people preparing to teach abroad. So grateful to those who shared their experiences before I traveled. Hope my experiences help those wanting more information. Check out of the blogs listed for great insight!

Thanks for the greetings!

I have been celebrating for two weeks and I will probably celebrate for 2 more weeks. Thanks to everyone for all the lovely birthday greetings. I am very grateful this year that I get well wishes in Russian and English,  get greeting from all my international friends, that Aunt Sug still calls me Angela Roberts Ellington, that everyone seems to be aware of the Rockin’ language, and that my greeting include the discussion of the proper use of commas. I miss all of you who are far away or who I just don’t get to see nearly often enough. And just when I thought this birthday couldn’t get any better, we got to shoot a raccoon that got in the chicken barn! May the festivities never stop! Peace and love to you all! Rock on!

Happy Easter

It is Easter here in Pavlodar! Many blessings to you all this Holy day! This Easter I am feeling resurrected myself. This adventure in Kazakhstan has been a new life for me. And the really good news is that I will be returning to the US this week. Don’t worry.  Nothing is wrong. I had decided that since I was not renewing my contract for next year that I wanted to come home to begin my job search for the next school term and possibly attend summer school. Also, another US colleague here made the same decision, independently, so we selected a return date so that we could travel together.  I have not taken this decision lightly. I spent much time discerning my path. There are so many aspects of this place and the people that I love and treasure.

I will still be posting to this site for a while. There is much I did not post because there was not time. When I am home I will share some of those things and I am sure that I will have new posts based on reflections once I am in a different place.

Thanks to everyone for there support and thoughts while I have been away. It has touched me deeply and been a big help to me.

Peace and love to you all!

Could Spring Be On Its Way

On the way home from school today, I saw my road and the market parking lot. No big deal? I saw them because the snow has melted in places!! First time I have seen them since October.  Yes, really big deal! Winter is definitely  not over. But I am beginning  to  believe  that  there will be a spring. I walked home without gloves and a scarf today. Woo-hoo ooh!