Learning our way around Pavlodar

It has been another exciting week in Pavlodar. We spent a good part of the week trying to finish immigration issues. The US citizens has additional requirements, from the US government, not from Kazakhstan. So, the US teachers still have an outstanding issue or two. Should be finalized soon! I keep saying that. And one day it will be true!

The schedule and teaching assignments at school have changed several times. We are told that this is standard operating procedure here. It is confusing sometimes, but not too frustrating. I am enjoying getting to work with different teachers and meet different students as I try to navigate this new environment. Just like every other school, each teacher has a different style and each class has its own personality and dynamic. I am really enjoying the students and local teachers. They ask interesting questions. They share interesting information. And sometimes they get my jokes!

Outside of school this week, we had the walking tour of Pavlodar last Saturday. I now know where to buy many of the things that I need or will need in the near future, like warm clothes and kitchen supplies. I also found the YARN SHOP!!! We have looked for a yarn shop since I arrived. Everyone knew that finding a yarn supply was important to me. I hope to actually go back to buy knitting supplies in a week or two.

It was about 75 degrees last Saturday when we went on the walking tour. This week it has been in the 50’s. Fall lasted about a week. Winter will be here in a day or two. It is below freezing at night.

A fellow teacher from Texas had his heart set on concocting a burrito by combining various menu items at a local restaurant. He practiced saying shredded cheese in Russian ALL day. His heart was broken when we got to the restaurant and found out that they were out of the beef entre that would be the basis for his creation and his attempt to bring home to Pavlodar for a few brief moments. But they found substitutions and in the end all was well. These are the moments that make the hardships worth it. These are the memories that we are making in Kazakhstan. I hope we can continue these fabulous occasions to get us through the hard winter ahead! Peace and love to you all!wpid-20140910_130848.jpg

This is, or rather, was my boss. We had a going away party for him this week. We wish him the best in Astana.

2 thoughts on “Learning our way around Pavlodar

  1. Mary Bush says:

    So disappointed I missed your skype call. I’m excited you found a yarn shop! Winter will arrive too quickly for you!

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