Walking on a Winter’s Day

The US is plagued with severe weather- snow measured in feet not inches, subzero temperatures with even more extreme wind chills, and ice storms. But here in “next door to Siberia” it is 23 sunny degrees F and a beautiful day for a walk in the river. No, not by the river, on it! The river here had been frozen over for months. The ice layer is 2 to 3 feet thick. Last weekend they had a car race on the river. In the summer, the river looks sort of like the Ohio at Cincinnati and Maysville areas. It is not as wide in most areas but it is in parts.I am not sure how deep it is, but it is plenty deep enough to make standing on it an amazing experience. Winter is very different here. It is extreme, but but not as surprising and dangerous as it is in the US. I am thinking about all of you in the States. Stay warm and safe! And while you are snuggled up at home, hope you will check out the pictures below! Enjoy! Peace and love to you all!

From the bank, walking the path to the river.


This is where the river splits and there is an island in the middle. I am stand just at the beginning of the split, so that is about half of the river behind me.

wpid-20150221_144027.jpg wpid-20150221_144052.jpg

An ice fisherman that we met and what he caught in about about an hour. He was just reeling in the little one as we were leaving.

wpid-20150221_144456.jpg wpid-20150221_144508.jpgWalking on the island in the middle. A view of the school from the island.

wpid-20150221_144746.jpg wpid-20150221_144820.jpg wpid-20150221_144918.jpg wpid-20150221_145101.jpg

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