All My Love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Life here is very busy, so I don’t get to post as often as I would like. But I wanted to make certain to send lots of virtual love to all my internet followers and everyone back home this Valentine’s Day, as it is one of my favorite days of the year. For many people, this is a miserable day that is focused on romantic love and we all have had our painful experiences in relationships that can make for dread on this day. I am no different and find myself relationship challenged in many areas. My husband and I met on Valentine’s Day. A few years later, we signed our divorce papers on Valentine’s Day. A few years ago, the end of complicated long term relationship made for February 14 challenges. But, fortunately, I have never restricted myself to romantic love on this day and have always saw it as a celebration of all types of love. Love of family and friends, spiritual love, life passions, and a host of other affections. So I have weathered the storms and retained a love of the heart-shaped reds, pinks, and purples of this day.

This year, today is particularly special to me. I am honoring this amazing journey and the new perspective of love it has given to me. I am learning to love new things and rediscovering a deeper love of other things. Beyond my family and friends, my greatest loves are the arts and books. (Actually, there are a few people I would trade for the right art supplies or tickets to the opera. Just kidding! Maybe.) Tonight a few of my colleagues and I will attend a dance performance here in Pavlodar. It is a mixture of ballet, modern dance, ballroom, street dance, and visual beauty. I think it will be Swan Lake meets Dancing with the Stars meets hip hop. I get to see artistic movement with people who making their own journeys in this Land of the Free Spirit. How can I not love this! So, I will embrace my new love of winter to travel by taxi, to other side of a town of that is still fairly foreign to me, with people I could have never meet in the US, to see a performance that I could have never gotten to attend back home. Lots of new things to love.

Yet, there is no need to worry. I still love everyone back home and miss you all. As the winter wears on and the days tick by, I grow more anxious for summer and coming home to visit with my first loves-family and friends. I love the new experience, but there is no substitute for the comforts of what you know. Only about 5 more months!

In the meantime, I will continue to love new things, have amazing experiences, and send all my love to my readers! And you can check out these video links of the dance troupe that we will see tonight! Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day! Peace and love to you all!

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