January Update

It has been a while since I have posted! Life here has been busy. I didn’t go to the US or anywhere else for the winter break. It was a bit strange not to be with my family for the holidays, but I had a good time here in Pavlodar. I finally got to go to some museums and explore the city further. I am learning what winter really is and that it can be fun at times. I won’t write a lot for this post, but I am including some photos of my life as it has been here in Kazakhstan for the last few weeks.

Peace and love to you all!

Christmas in Kazakhstan

20141224_193957 Dinner with wonderful friends20141219_124112Holiday soda, just like home, but in Russian and Kazakh!20141221_170749

My Christmas tree, a present from a friend who was afraid I would be homesick. So thoughtful and sweet!20141224_145211Made my family’s traditional cabbage rolls. It was a challenge to find all the ingredients, but I did. They were tasty.

20141128_194422This is how you do negative 19 degrees Fahrenheit 20141218_080633For the holidays, it is traditional to gift the eldest tribal member with traditional clothes.

20150111_132753A wintery day at the market with the mosque in the distance20150107_125418

My lovely new skates


Skating at the rink outside my apartment. All the soccer fields are turned into skating rinks in the winter. FREE to use! That day, it was warmer here in “next door to Siberia” than it was in Kentucky. Sorry, Kentucky!


Kick off for the NIS Science Fair!!!


My first attempt at cross country ski. Not entirely successful, but lots of fun. It will just take some practice!

20150116_185147 20150116_185245_PerfectlyClear

Skating at ANOTHER FREE rink not far from my home. This one has music and better maintained ice. But I have to walk about a mile. Totally worth it!20150117_140109-1_PerfectlyClear 20150118_123442

Getting ready to attend the Ukrainian Festival today.

20150118_135322 20150118_140538 20150118_143510 20150118_144717 The theater where the Ukrainian event was held was once a movie theater. It is a lovely building. The tree below is in the lobby and the “leaves” hanging off of it each have the name of an ethnic group or nationality that makes up the country of Kazakhstan. The display name translates to something near to “Our Earth” or “Our World.”


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