So little time, so much to tell

People are telling me that I am not posting enough on the blog. I am afraid of posting too often. And I just really don’t have the time I would like to have to devote to sharing my adventures.  Things are very busy here. They tell me it should slow down soon.  I don’t believe them. But here are some pictures of tonight’s escapades. It was a fairly normal night. We had dinner at the food court at the mall and then a quick stop at the grocery market on the first floor.


This Ervine and me waiting on our burger. Ervine is a biology teacher from South Africa. He lives near me and always makes sure that I get into the building before he lives after the group goes out. He also makes sure that I get on the right bus to get to church on Sunday.


All those trips to the little mall nearest here and it wasn’t until tonight that I realized they had air hockey! It is a lousy air hockey table, but it is air hockey.


Man-Yee,  a biology teacher from England, had the dinner of Champions tonight.  Salad, chicken nuggets, and beer.


Greg, a chemistry teacher from Texas, took the night off from the restaurant near his apartment where he usually eats to dine with us in fine food court style. He had the pizza. Looked good,  but I haven’t tried the pizza.


Too bad this picture of Adrian is blurry, because it otherwise captures his personality very well.  He is a math teacher from England.  He was here in Pavlodar last year and has been able to provide insight and experience to those of us who arrived this fall.

It is a wonderful group of international and local teachers.  We even saw on one my fellow English teachers at the market tonight.  Without them, this transition wouldn’t be possible.  We help each other and lean on each other. At this point,  we probably know each other as well as some of our closest friends and family members back home know us. We are sharing an experience that those thousands of miles away from us will never truly know. I am so grateful to have this group with me.

Peace and love to you all!

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