Multicultural celebration

Our school has celebration of the cultures that make up Kazakhstan last week. Amazing! 1974554_10205118721266329_929835163_n 10583775_10205118729906545_50941974_n1241173_10205118715586187_2105474999_n 10588664_10205118815988697_1281810523_n 10622005_10205118800708315_2001737630_n 10638053_10205118716146201_1392602296_n 10668128_10205118719146276_1523064174_n 10668275_10205118828709015_927791106_n

That is Sam standing with me. Her name is actually Aiassem. She is one of my coteachers. She has been a big help!! She translates for us often and she is just a wonderful person!

10682055_10205118748107000_1601154395_n 10685044_10205118780627813_1064277071_n

The gentleman sitting in the floor is Belben. He is an international teacher in the English department. He is from the Philippines.

10694887_10205118833469134_726833122_n 10685199_10205118797348231_1261330582_n10694962_10205118792348106_1293125820_n

The gentlemen under the wolf fur is Greg. He is an international teacher of math from Texas.

10694965_10205118730586562_395698406_n 10695006_10205118716026198_934839779_n 10695140_10205118807228478_625807059_n 10695263_10205118775067674_347915094_n 10695327_10205118731106575_1768930503_n 10695371_10205118803748391_946032334_n 10695434_10205118802628363_1249838538_n 10699361_10205118804508410_611879033_n 10704832_10205118716466209_274506387_n 10705057_10205118801668339_1698676221_n

The woman standing next to me is Man-yee. She is from England and is an international biology teacher.

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